Workshop paintings reveal!!

Today's the day! I finally have all of my ducks in row (i.e. I have better lighting equipment and Steve has a new camera!) and it's time to share my paintings from the Bill Davidson workshop! Now I can't remember the order in which they were painted, but I'm pretty sure I remember that this was the first one. Keep in mind that this was painted in early spring. The Marsh was just beginning to show bits of green and the deciduous trees were just starting to leaf out. The horizon truly had cool pinks and blues with small pops of warmer green where the leaves were starting to come out.

After this marsh painting, I did another painting which I refuse to share. We were left to our own devices, and I managed to get myself into a fine fix. Our dear teacher tried to save it, but it is still a pretty pitiful subject, so I'll just try to forget about that one!

This one (below) was the first (and only, for me) time we painted the ocean. Bill did great instruction/demonstration on painting waves and shorelines before we went out. This painting was late in the morning, but you can still see some of the pink clouds off in the distance. It was quite fun to paint, but it was very hard to paint the waves! They won't be still! That one factor makes me think that I like to take photos of the ocean and then paint them in the studio. However, I am not ready to fully cast my vote yet. I would like to try to paint on the beach quite a bit more in the off season or early morning hours. When painting in the studio, you often have to rely on photographs, but the camera cannot really capture the warm and cool color areas of the water or the richness of the blues. You definitely have to be standing out there to see it. That's one of the main reasons for painting outside. One can then take these small paintings into the studio and use them as reference material for a larger, more refined painting or can just enjoy the effects of the moment captured when painting quickly, outdoors. Another great reason to give seaside painting several more tries is that you can't beat the view or the sound!!

I tried in this painting to capture the warm areas of the water and the light area on the horizon as the sun started to burn off the morning clouds. Bill introduced us to a beautiful Gamblin Blue called Radiant Blue. It definitely added life to several areas of my paintings.

The next painting was painted down on the point at Pawley's as my friend, Kim, and I stood painting on the edge of the Intercostal Waterway. This painting has many of Bill's brushstrokes on it in the foreground where he demonstrated how to loosely paint the sea oats, so this will be a study piece for me and a treasure! Look at how those loose brush strokes really suggest to oats and the shadows they cast. For my part, I am pleased with the clouds and water in this one. I also really liked the subject matter. I was intrigued with the way the wind off the ocean sweeps across the tree tops and gives them such an angular shape. I would love to paint this area again!

I have spent so much time today just trying to get these photographed and watermarked that I have run out of time. I will finish loading the others in the next few days!

Thanks for checking out the workshop results!

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