Dang, I completely dropped the ball!!

Obviously, I completely dropped the ball on this blog! Im going to try to give it another go, and we will see what happens. Life is happening so fast that it is impossible, it seems, to settle in and be accountable to this blog. Talk to me in the comments, please, and make me engage! LOL! Isn't that what all bloggers wish for?

First order of business is to show you how "Clementine" turned out. I LOVE it! It may not be for everyone, but she is my precious granddaughter and the color, pose, and fuchsia shoes all add up to yell "Clementine" for me!

The painting hangs in my music room which is full of light and now full of life, as well! it always makes me smile. Granted, it was a terribly difficult pose for me, and I struggled with it!

This portrait hung downtown for a while in our local Arts Council Building and that was fun! For anyone interested, I first toned this canvas in diluted Raw umber, Raw Sienna mix. The background is simply Viridian and Titanium white. All of my paints here were M. Graham paints. Yes, the tutu is not pink. It is a sherbet orange because that's the actual color of the tutu! Orange tutu and fuchsia shoes.....perfect for this fun, little ballerina!

#oilpainting #portraits #grandchildren #tutus

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