Ideally the portrait process begins with a discussion about your wishes and vision. 
From there, a determination is made about the best way to progress. In other words, we answer the questions about whether this portrait can be painted from life with sittings in my studio, do we need to use photographs that I take, or do we need to use your photographs such as in a posthumous portrait or if the portrait is a surprise gift.  I have worked in all of these situations and will be glad to answer any questions and work with you in your own circumstances.

     Concerning the posthumous portrait, Allison feels that this type of portrait is her specialty. She is able to go through your photographs with you to help you find the best one to represent your loved one in a painted portrait. Sometimes the reference photo may not seem like the ideal one, in other words it didn't come from a formal photography sitting, but Allison is able to work with almost any photograph, even group shots, if it is the photo that says what we want it to say about your loved one. Two paintings on this site are posthumous and were painted from older, small, grainy photographs. The clients were amazed at the likeness that she achieved from such photos.    

    If you are interested in a portrait, please feel to use the Contact page to ask a question or request a phone call.