About Allison

     If you were to ask a few of Allison's middle school teachers about her love of art, they might tell you that her math scores might have been higher had she been paying attention instead of drawing during class!  She did not pursue art as a career, however, and instead followed her other love, music.  In the fall of 2010, she took a weeklong course titled "Drawing On the Right Side of The Brain" purely for her idea that it might help her musically and that it would be fun to draw again. Little did she imagine what it would do to her future! 


     This retreat opened her eyes to how artists see and re-ignited her passion for art and portraiture. After that retreat, she approached her friend and artist Frank Pierce for painting instruction. He endured her relentless questioning and encouraged her own style and creativity and continues to offer help and encouragement along the way. She has taken numerous workshops  and continues to seek out information and opportunity to learn all she can about portraiture and art in general.

Allison is also a harpist and splits her time between her family, music and art. She is motivated by how portraiture can tell so much about who a person is. It allows us to pause and take the time to gaze at someone so that we can  really see the beauty within the  sitter. As a client recently said when viewing her daughter's portrait, " with a painted portrait, unlike a photograph, it is like she is really in there!" The desire to capture that inner beauty and outward likeness is what draws her to the canvas to learn this demanding but extremely satisfying art form.



Tunes, Tales  and Tapestries Juried Show, Peoples Choice Award 2012

Moore County Arts Council Open Show, Third Place, Oils, "I Know You By Heart" 2012

Art Training

Frank Pierce, A Southern Studio


    Portraits:  Tanvi Pathere (instructor, Florence Academy of Art)    http://www.tanvipathare.com

    Portaits with Water Color Wash:  Robert Liberace   http://www.robertliberace.com

   Plein Air:  Mike Rooney    

   Pastel Portraits:  Lisa Ober   http://www.lisaober.com

   Pastel: Julie Oriet  http://www.julieoriet.com

   Drawing: Lynda Greenberg, MFA, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


A special thank you to the many professional artists who have shared their knowledge through videos and  books, such as Ben Lustenhouwer, Susan Lyon, Suzanne Brooker and Richard Schmid among others. I refer to them over and over again.